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The censuses of 18 each list two Ann Evas of roughly the right age, but the one that married Thomas Worden was definitely the daughter of a Samuel Eva, and the 1841 census information then identifies her uniquely. At the time of the 1851 census both Ann Evas had left home and were working as house servants, one at Gweek and one at Higher Scarsick. Another image of her (at an older age) is also available. It is perhaps worth observing that Thomas Worden would not have remembered John Huntington, his maternal grandfather, who died when Thomas was not quite two years old. But the most curious aspect of the receipt is that it is written on the back of a photo (the first photo of Thomas Worden shown above, in fact). He arrived in Melbourne in February 1844 on the ship Royal Consort, as a 22 year old assisted immigrant, but came to Adelaide from Melbourne via the ship Mary in March 1845.

However, the origins of John Huntington are unknown to me. There are 45 grandchildren and 19 greatgrandchildren. This leaves me wondering whether Bonnie Doon straddles two districts, or whether the boundaries changed between 19.Gentleman, detailing what had occurred, the information was not laid in the manner in which it ought to have been laid, but was laid under an Act, which empowered the Magistrates to dispose of it summarily, and to prevent its being brought either by appeal or indictment into a superior Court.Again, the Bench before whom it was heard, are known to be the personal friends of the accused, and one of them in particular, as will be seen from our report, was stated by the complainant's father, on the report of a third party, in his own hearing in open Court, and without any denial on his part, to have been more or less identifiedno doubt from honourable and highly praiseworthy motiveswith an offer of compromise to the father of the complainant.The identity of the lady in the above photo is unknown, although she is believed to be some relative of Thomas or Ann. Richard and Warwick, the christian names of the fourth son, had both occurred several times in earlier generations (see the Samuel Worden and Jane Calloway page), and Cordelia and Caroline were also used by earlier generations of Wordens. It may be this really was his age when he made the application for assisted passage, but it also may be that he was not quite certain of his age.The photo was taken in Seaton, Devon, and I can only assume that, whoever she was, she had gone to Seaton for a holiday, because I do not believe that Thomas or Ann had any relative who lived in Seaton. However, Thomas and Ann apparently exercised originality in coming up with the names Ambrosine, Blanche, Adeline and Adelia. Like Samuel, Abraham came to South Australia in 1845 (although not on the same ship as Samuel).

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